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Affiliate marketing should be a part of everyone's Internet Business plan. It is one of the fastest ways of adding multiple, profitable money streams to your existing business. Plus, if you're new to making money on the Internet. affiliate marketing is the place to start! Those of you that have already made affiliate commissions know what I mean. But before you move on to the next affiliate product of service to promote, make sure your getting the most profit from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Here are my top 3 tips for boosting your affiliate commissions. Tip 1: Only Promote The Best Products And Services While this seems obvious, you'd be surprised how many affiliate marketers promote products and service only because they think they can make a quick buck. and not because it is the best. Two things happen when you only recommend the very best: First, your conversion rate is higher.

If you've done your homework and picked the very best product in your market, this product will sell more. More sales equals more and BIGGER commission checks. Second, your reputation grows. Secure your reputation as a market expert by choosing products and services to promote carefully, and ONLY recommending the very best. This means when you make a recommendation, your visitors and subscribers are much more likely to ACT. And bigger affiliate commissions more often means a bigger bank account.

Think of it this way: You are going to have to put in time and effort (and possibly money) to promote the product. This is an investment on your part. So, only invest in the very best! Tip 2: Follow the Leaders Affiliate marketing is not something you have to figure out all by yourselves.

Top marketers have ALREADY blazed a trail of success and KNOW what works and what doesn't. So, don't stumble through the trial and error process. Jump ahead of the learning curve by learning from the leaders and doing what they do. Years ago, hardly any successful affiliate marketer would give away his hard earned secrets.

unless you paid them a fortune. But this has changed. Now, top marketers will let you behind the scenes to see EXACTLY what they do to make HUGE affiliate commissions. Here is the key: Pick ONE mentor and follow their method until you have mastered it. DO NOT jump from one method to another.

Stop reading every ebook on the subject and PICK ONE. This is the fastest way to seeing an increase in your profits! Tip 3: Build YOUR List For Affiliate Products Having your own list and forming a relationship with them is essential for a strong Internet Business and lasting success. Just because you are recommending other people's products does not mean you shouldn't be building YOUR list. I can't stress this enough. If you send your visitors to the affiliate product's sales page without attempting to put them on a list, you are building the merchants business, BUT NOT YOUR OWN! Affiliate marketing is a business, just like if you were selling you own product.

So, build a list by offering valuable information in exchange for their name and email address. Getting you visitor to make the step from "looking" for information to "asking" for information is one step closer to the affiliate sale! Keep these tips in mind and build your affiliate marketing business by recommending the very best, following proven plans from successful leaders and build your list as part of the process and I have no doubt you will see you affiliate income skyrocket!.

Edward Lomax learned affiliate marketing the hard way, before top marketers shared their information. He suggests you take the shortcut to success by downloading "7 Hidden Principles of Super Affiliates" now!

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