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Think Like Your Customer And You Will Win

How do you think like a customer? That's easy just be yourself. You're a customer every single day of your life so just put in your business efforts what you like to see when you are buying from someone. If you are selling a service just ask yourself how I would want to be treated or what would I like to see in the offer if I were to buy this service. If it's a hard good, then what do you look for in when you buy? Is it customer service, is it quality, craftsmanship, warranty, after sales service, life of the product. Don't sell or try to sell something that you wouldn't be caught dead buying yourself. All this to say that here is one other strategy for building success that cannot be overlooked.

it involves thinking like your customers. They are, after all, your "bread and butter." Put yourself into your visitors' shoes by answering these "profile" questions in your mind. ? Who are your visitors? Come up with several possibilities about who belongs to your target group and what they do. Be as specific as you can be -- try to break down your visitors into niche segments (i.

e., retirees, hobbyists, fixed income, health-care provider, etc.). ? What do they want? Think about their needs or wishes/desires. and how you can easily provide the information and solution your visitors are searching for, once they find you.

What other stuff do your visitors or should I say that you look for? I have found that they look for consistency. The result of consistent information could lead to very interesting profit? The opposite of that last statement will spell disaster. The introduction of inconsistency to your material will dilute your materials power, both with your human visitors and especially with the Search Engines' spiders. Never get off topic! You can also draw visitors to your "solution" to their problems by using "in-context" links whereby you weave your Reselling message naturally into the content flow.

I call that weaseling your way into their pocket book. Because your articles or other material are geared to the same target group, a good percentage of visitors should click on the links. So what's the lesson here? If your keyword(s) attract your target market, there is always a way, with just a touch of creativity, to stretch them to other products/services that are likely also to fall within their "list of needs.


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