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The Cons Of Refer A Friend Marketing

In this article we will look at the marketing model I call refer a friend program. You could call it lose your friends marketing if you do it incorrectly. Over in the Warrior Forum there was a post about dangerous advice being given. In the first 24 hours over 1000 people read it. Here was the advice: "Find everybody you can with an email address that you know and send them an email selling them a product." Would you really do that? This seems like old school mlm marketing to me.

In the old days of multi level marketing the theory was work your warm market. Make a list of everyone you know and start contacting them about your new business. This was probably o.

k. the first time, but what happens after you have been in several different mlm businesses and already invited them to llok at those. All you do is get people mad at you and then they do not want to have anything to do with you.

Today the internet can take this refer a friend concept to a whole new level. Have you ever joined a program and been given the chance to immediately email 5 of your friends? This is pretty cool when you analyze it closer. The email is already written and your name is already at the bottom of it with your affiliate link. All you do is supply the names and email addresses of 5 people and hit "submit" and you have just invited 5 people to join with you.

I personally would never email everyone I know and offer them my product. For one thing I do not know that many people in comparison to the amount of traffic my website gets. Now what I will do is give a business card with my website on it in the natural flow of a conversation with someone. This can be a friend or anyone. When they ask me what I do I just give them my card and tell them to check it out sometime.

You can get 250 free business cards at VistaPrint.com. That seems like a good investment to me and a better way to do a little offline marketing. Then if you want to do a refer a friend program of your own online just add your website address to your signature and send it with every email you do. This is a relaxed way to offer people a chance to check you out. You will keep your friends this way!.

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