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The Deadly Myths About Network Marketing

I about to tell you the seven biggest myths about network marketing. If you aren't exposed to these myths, you may experience complete failure in network marketing To start, the first myth is that network marketing is a numbers game. Ever hear your upline tell you that network marketing is just a numbers game? If you call enough people, eventually you will find someone that wants to join your network marketing business. This really only works for the people that are experienced in prospecting and have a natural sales ability. Sure, if you talk to 7000 people you may get a few sign ups, but how long would that take? Plus contrary to popular belief, calling leads is in no way duplicable. The second myth is the myth of multiple streams of income.

A great man once said, "Having multiple streams of income usually equates to multiple streams of outgo." What that means is you will probably be trying to hard to maintain all those streams of income and truly start to loose money. The best approach is to get laser focused on one objective and become great at it (also in the profit too). If and only if you are in the profit for that stream then move on. Third myth, building a network marketing business using the internet is impossible.

The internet is a true medium and relationships can be built upon it. How are you communicating with most people overseas on your team? Do you feel its an impersonal email you send them every time? Fourth myth, you can become rich by spending no money at all. This is probably one of the biggest myths out there. Mainly because of all the hype floating around in this industry.

Many people have given this industry a bad name claiming, "Join free and we will build your downline!" Nope it doesn't happen, sorry to disappoint you. Fifth myth, to grow your business you must just buy and call leads. For the most part the leads purchased at a lead company are completely generic. So when you call these people they may have no idea what network marketing even is! Don't get me wrong, calling leads works for some people. But how duplicatable is calling leads? In the long run this method just doesn't hold up.

Sixth myth, you can just set up your business and forget about it. Wouldn't that be nice! Most of the time your business will be plagued by attrition which just means people will leave your business. Unless you're training those who join you to become leaders, you will never be able to leave with a residual income. The main reason for that is because people usually just sign up and leave. Why? Because people usually are just buying hope. They will buy the product and try for a month then give up.

Then they can tell themselves, "Well I tried at least." The final myth is that the only way to actually generate income from network marketing is to recruit. For all the people who didn't join your business you can offer them additional resources. Maybe not everyone was looking to start a business. Don't just move on after you have contacted that first lead and they weren't interested. Well there you have it, now go out and start building your business the right way.

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