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So You need to Get Traffic to Your Website

Website Owners everywhere are crying out for more web traffic, but all web traffic varies in quality and you have to ensure the type of traffic you are generating is suitable for your website. The last thing you need is traffic which merely uses up bandwidth but serves no other purpose. There are many aims of advertising. Advertising may be geared towards building a list, selling a product, or even just to brand the website.

Always track your traffic to make sure that your objectives are being achieved In some cases, it is easy to see the difference between various traffic sources. For example, it is usually much cheaper to buy Pay Per Click (PPC) ads for a content network than for a search network. On a content network, ads appear on related web sites while on a search network they appear as the result of a user keying in specific search terms. People who click on ads on the content network tend to be browsing the Internet for information.

In most cases, they expect to get this information for free. On the other hand, those searching for key terms, especially product names, are more likely to be looking to buy. Because of this, conversion rates are typically much higher on the search network. This leads to more demand which, in turn, leads to higher prices for these ads. Unfortunately, paying for advertising can eat into profits. In some cases campaigns that are generating a good volume of sales can be rendered unprofitable due to the costs of advertising.

However, organic traffic, which comes from unpaid listing on search engines, is free and targeted. The difficulty arises in generating sufficient volumes of traffic. To do this requires being on the front pages of the major search engines for popular terms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of trying to rank highly for competitive keywords. Unfortunately, many SEO techniques take considerable time to put into place and to affect search engine rankings. A good technique for getting high in the organic results is to go for less popular long tail key words.

There is not as much demand for these and although they produce less traffic they are easier to rank for therefore build up a good list of these and you can a lot of traffic. There are other forms of traffic generation including email marketing, article marketing and maybe doing joint ventures. Keep in mind your objective should always be to avoid paying for any traffic that fails to convert.

Russell is a Consultant of CarbonCopyPRO CarbonCopyPRO. Russell is an experienced Internet Marketer from the UK. He is offering a Free Editable Content Website for anyone who becomes a Consultant of the CarbonCopyPRO Marketing system under him

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