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What is it that your online business needs? Traffic. Without it, your dead in the water. It does not matter if your product or service will revolutionize your market, without traffic no one will ever know about it. So how does a business generate traffic? Well there are plenty of ways, paid and free. Let's start out with the more well known and traditional ways.

1) Pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords. This is a fantastic way to generate traffic. You can target your market via keywords and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Yahoo and MSN offer the same type of service as well as other less frequented search engines. One problem with Pay per click is that it can become very expensive, especially if your in a crowded market like Home Loans. If you are in a small market you should be able to get by relatively inexpensively.

2) Organic Searches. This involves your site being well optimized with strategic keyword placement throughout. If your not an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, this can be a daunting task. It's better to hire an expert to do the optimization on your websites pages. 3) Link Exchanges.

This can help boost your search engine rankings if your not an SEO expert. It's simple really; first you just set up a page on your site just for links from other sites. Now go to one of the best sites for link exchanges, Link Metro. Start exchanging links with other sites relative to your market. This can increase your PR (Page Rank) thus giving you better organic search rankings.

PR is what Google uses to signify the importance of a site in their eyes. You can find out what your sites PR is by downloading the Google toolbar. Now let's move on to some other effective ways to generate a bunch of traffic to your site almost instantly. 4) Write and eBook and give it away for free. Yes, you heard me correctly, give it away. Make sure the e-book has some good content related to your market, this is important.

When you give it away tell everyone they are free to give it away as well. *Important* Do not forget to have links in the e-book that point back to your site and test them to make sure they work. Encourage people to give it away to their list(s) or as an opt-in bonus to their future subscribers.

If the content is good, they will be glad to do it. This is a great viral technique. Also, include in the e-book that the current possessor is free to give it away as well. This add's to the virulence. 5) Writing Articles. Some people wouldn't guess it, but this is a great way to drive traffic to your site.

There are all kinds of article directories to submit your articles to as well, way too many to list here. Go to Google and type in Article Directories and more than enough will come up. The majority of article submission sites let you put in an Author bio box. Here you can give more info about you and your site and a link. 6) Blogs. Keeping your own blog can bring in traffic to your site, especially if it is updated often.

The best part is, you can write about anything you want and suggest anything you want. The way to use a blog to drive traffic to your site is to use a blog pinging service like Ping-O-Matic. Also, invite readers of your blog to put an RSS feed of your blog on their site.

If you supply good content, many readers will take you up on this offer. 7) Start your own affiliate program. In my opinion and many others, this is the best way to generate an avalanche of traffic. Members of your list will be happy to promote your site in hopes of earning a commission on any sales. Make sure you have plenty of promotional material with your members affiliate link already embedded.

Make it as easy as possible for potential affiliates. A fantastic program for running an affiliate program and anything else you want to do with a site is Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing. I use this software for my sites and it is amazing. Do not be scared away by the price, it's one of the best investments I have made for my business. Notice I said Investment; this is exactly what it is.

Well those are just some of the best ways you can generate an avalanche of traffic to your site. Try to use all of the techniques listed above for maximum results.

Shane Wilson runs a very successful site on where to Advertise on the Internet. If you would like more info on where to advertise follow the link below: http://www.nexusgate.com/marketer

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