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Generating Traffic to your site is A Once Aday Job. 1) Many webmasters are willing to exchange links! This way more public awareness comes to each site . The one thing you want to make sure of is that the site you link with is are similar to your site and products. With link exchange you have a better chance of being ranked higher in the search engines like google, yahoo and so forth. You will see more traffic in your website with out the cost. How Great Is That! 2) Traffic exchange! This is where you submit your website so others can view it.

In return you view others websites and get credit for looking at the sites. You also earn credit when someone views your website. This also generates traffic to your site if people are interested. 3) Write and Submit articles! This is something you are very well versed on a so you write an article about it. Be the best in the subject, do your research and submit it. Make sure to connect the article with your website and niche.

When people read it and see you know what you are talking about they will want to go to your website. Make sure to add your website to the information and some personal information about yourself to at the bottom of the article. This makes the reader more apt to go to your website. 4) Make a Newsletter! There are many writers and sites willing and waiting to provide you with free articles for your newsletter so they can get their name in .

The reason for this is this provides them with free advertising. We all love the free stuff and especially advertising to build our list. 5) Press Release! Announce your site with a press release, submit it to the free press release programs. Yes there it that word free again.

Do this 2-3 times a month and see the free traffic coming to your site. There you are, 5 simple steps to get people looking at your site. Be consistent with all your advertising so you are remembered. The one thing you should do every day with internet marketing is advertise and get people opt-in to your list to build a constant money stream. With out advertising and a list of people you can contact you are not going to make sales. You need to keep building your list everyday with new people.

This is the most important aspect of internet marketing. "Remember if you look in the right direction all is good in the world" jp.

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