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Gifting A home based business or an illegal scam

I'm sure you've seen plenty of cash gifting programs and wondered to yourself if there was money to be made with such schemes and more importantly if gifting was legal. In this article I will reveal the truth of cash gifting from legality to profit potential. The first point to address for those of you who are new to this concept of cash gifting is exactly what the definition and meaning of cash gifting.

Here's the scenario of most cash gifting programs: The prospect sees an ad or hyped up website with photos or video of big piles of cash. This is a physiological tactic to make you hungry for the money you see them counting out. Just because a person is opening envelopes with a lot of money, doesn't mean that it's really from the cash gifting program. A person can get a loan or use their money to make such a video.

When it comes to getting in your pocket some people will do anything. Next your inviter or the website itself will get you on a hyped up conference call where everybody talks about what big money they're making and how easy this is! It's funny but the conference call conductor also talks about the importance of giving. Not one person involved with gifting programs cares about giving; it's really about greed and receiving.

This conference call is just another psychological hook. Before you're sucked into a cash gifting scheme consider the fact that gifting is illegal! There have been people who are forced to pay back the money to those who sent it to them, and people have gone to jail for participating in a gifting activity. The gifting tax law was not designed for people to pass money around.

It's for this reason that gifting programs restrict the promotion tactics of their members/participants. If you are audited by the government believe me you will be penalized or jailed. The next question is if gifting has profit potential.

There are a few people to profit from cash gifting. There are however many negative points to consider. The first downside is convincing people that gifting is legal, the second downside is that you are restricted when it comes to how and where you promote and the third downside is the fact that you may very well be forced to pay back monies received, pay fines and possibly go to jail. Is the activity of cash gifting really worth the risks involved? I'll leave that decision up to you.

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