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Freebie Sites Understanding Their Growing Popularity

Freebie sites, called Freesites by some, have become a popular, housewife-led industry for those looking for extra income. They represent a sure way for the average person to earn money online. Freebie sites can provide guaranteed income with no risk or monetary investment required. Freebie sites are popular because one can earn money for free by completing offers to try products, or by getting others (Referrals) to try products. There is no skill involved with sampling a product or service, or any other aspect of Freesites. Patience is the most important quality for success as one earns slowly.

Freebie sites are purely for those looking for part-time income, $200 to $2K a month. What Is a Freebie Site or Freesite? Freebie sites describes websites where companies pay consumers to try their products or services. CashParrot is one of the author's favorites. This incentive to be paid to try a product has led to the name, "incentivized" websites ("IFW") in some circles. The hundreds of Freebie sites (Freesites) constitute an industry where one is paid to 1) try products for free, or 2) to get others to try products for free. Those interested in doing either traditionally meet-up at a forum like the Free Lunch Room where they agree to work together.

Business loves the industry because of the opportunity to place their product in a consumer's hands at a greatly reduced marketing cost. In practice, companies pay money to a Freebie site like CashParrot for each potential customer the Freesite brings to the table. To get customers, the Freebie sites offer an incentive, ie., a cash prize, to those (called Sponsors) responsible for the Customer. When a potential customer gets credit for agreeing to try a product, the company pays the Freebie site which in turns pays the Sponsor responsible for the customer (called a Referral).

The Sponsor in turn pays the consumer who tried the product. Freebies & The National TV/Radio Ad for Lifelock A good example of Freebies in operation is the national commercial ran by Lifelock. An individual who wants to try Lifelock's identity theft protection service can respond to a radio or tv ad.

The cost to Lifelock to get that potential customer through a radio or TV ad is significant. Let's assume Lifelock decides to do some marketing through Freesites. The marketing cost is so drastically less that Livelock agrees to pay the Freebie site for every potential customer. The net result is that same consumer who wants to try Livelock for 30 days will be paid when he tries Lifelock through a Freebie site instead of a radio or tv ad. Freesites produce a 'win-win-win-win' for all involved: * Lifelock got a potential customer at a drastically reduced cost . .

. a win, * A Freesite got paid for bringing a potential customer to Lifelock . . . a win, * The Sponsor responsible for the potential customer got paid by the Freebie site for his efforts . .

. a win, and * The Customer who agreed to try Lifelock through a Freesite instead of the radio or tv ad got paid to do so . .

. a win again!. CONCLUSION This author encourages individuals to use Freesites as a foundation in making money online.

It is easy to see why Freebies are popular with housewives and those looking for extra income.

The reader can learn more about Freebie sites at the author's blog, http://Freesites4you.com where he can sign up for more info. Those ready to earn money can visit the Free Lunch Room forum, http://freelunchroom.com . Leave a message for the author ('Soccerdad123') at the Forum for help in getting started. help.

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