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Just a couple of years ago I was a senior psychology major studying to get my degree. I worked part time, and like a lot of students, opted to take out the max amount of loans I was able to receive. I was renting a very inefficient house with a friend and paying off a loan for a car. The bills were adding up fast and I soon found myself in debt up to my eyeballs. I had to do something, and fast. I dropped out of school, moved into an apartment with my girlfriend, and went to work for a friend as a kitchen manager making a measly nine dollars an hour.

I tried this for a while and the debt wasn't going away so I got another full time job doing surveys for a multi-national research company. It paid twice as much but I was working seventy hours a week and was getting burnt out. This is not what I had in mind to get out of debt, but at the time I did not have much of a choice.

I remained positive and my mind was consumed with ideas on how I was going to make a living for myself. As I walked between jobs I often noticed all the nice cars, buildings, bill boards, and people in suits. It was obvious to me that there was so much money out there, and if everyone else has it, why can't I.

How to get that money without having money was a large task but I was determined to figure it out. I didn't have specific ideas for what I was looking for. I wanted to consider as many avenues as possible to find the perfect fit for me so I searched the internet.

Google was fast to point out that there are 35,700,000 results for money making opportunities. There were so many money making opportunities and information and I was initially overwhelmed. Where would I start? Who would I trust? I had research to do so I had to prioritize and make time to do it. The best option for me was to quit the kitchen job and stay doing the surveys because I had time in between calls to research and study more about money making opportunities online.

I had ten hour days where it seemed like all I did was stare at the walls of my cubicle. Plenty of time to research online money making opportunities. I did not hesitate and bought a used laptop that week for $100 and had the internet hooked up right away. This was the beginning of my internet marketing career.

Everything was all set up for success. All that was necessary was a computer and an internet connection. Staying positive and finding new avenues for profit and success has led me out of debt and able to purchase some things I only thought possible with a degree and a 9-5 J.O.

B. My girlfriend and I are proud new home owners and I now dedicate my 9-5 to my home business and helping others find the same success as I did. Money Making Opportunities In my extensive research (which is non-stop) I found very cheap ways to get started. Three specifically.My Power Mall, Leisure Audio Books, and Plug-In Profit Site.

And I would recommend them to anyone looking to get started. My Power Mall is an online mall where you get paid to shop! There are over 1000 stores to shop at and you get rebates back for purchases you make. The more people you refer to them, the more money you get back. It is a nice little operation. Most of the products I found are the same price if not cheaper online.

You can even purchase a Mastercard and use it anywhere to earn the same rebates. There is no selling involved, cost nothing at all, and you don't have to qualify to start making money. Leisure Audio Books is a similar type of program that allows you to earn commissions off of any products you sell for them or for any referrals you give them. Both of these are great money making opportunities and they both provide all the tools and training you need to succeed with each. They are also 100% free. It will cost you nothing to start up and the only cost is through LAB when and if you decide to upgrade.

The Plug-In Profit Site is an outstanding profit pulling opportunity. In less than 24 hours you can have your own web site and six automated streams of revenue setup for you. The major advantage of this is having your own website to bring traffic to.

It makes marketing a heck of a lot easier and you can earn income from these programs for as long as your website is running. It also provides top notch training and I credit everything I know from that program. Nothing is left out. Even if you don't make one sale through PIPS, the knowledge in and of itself makes it well worth your time. The only costs associated through PIPS is the domain ($15) and hosting ($24.

95). Whatever it is you choose to do, take action! "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda.

Enroll now for FREE at My Power Mall. Financial Success is literally a click away. Take this opportunity and share it with your friends and family. More Money Making Opportunities

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