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Emerald Passport Review

Emerald Passport International is a direct marketing business. It offers a business platform with same level of opportunity for every person to gain financial achievement. It helps to get a profit of 75 % on each sale. In this business, along with the residual income, you can generate professional earnings.

Product line of Emerald Passport: The products offered are easily downloadable by any Emerald Passport member. It has many online educational products to expand the scholastic horizons. It includes individual development and real estate courses, financial planning analysis, financial negotiations, success and wealth fundamentals, how to become an entrepreneur and something very new "The power of the Forex". There are around 80 products promoted by Emerald Passport.

They don't have any products that are exclusive to their brand name. Marketing Statistics: Emerald Passport has advanced and user-friendly marketing system. It lets you earn smoothly and amass a huge amount of money.

It requires no great experience. Even a novice can do it easily. In addition, it provides a mentor, who tailors the business-building plan according to your personality and background. Emerald passport uses 2-Up marketing plan.

This plan entails the new member to give payment generated from initial two sales to the sponsor or the person with whom you signed up. Thereafter, you are practical to receive all your sales payment. Sign Up Fees: You have to pay $1295 to become Emerald Passport member. However, the total amount you have to pay would be $3295. This includes the payment sales given to the sponsor generated during first two sales. (Basic level=$1295 + Sponsor's Commission=$2000) Once the payment is fully paid, you have to follow 2-UP level conference, held in Panama.

The self-development and 2UP level conferences cost $13,000 and $8000 respectively. Once you consider yourself as competent marketer and up with internet marketing, you have the opportunity to earn anything between $ 1500 and $4500 on each sale. Emerald Passport is a perfect choice for those who enjoy to venture in financial planning and real estate. People, who are able to opt for self-development course in Panama, need to deep pocket and stomach the fees. However, if you prefer lower entrance fee, have to keep up your sales earning and participate in an opportunity that does not provide you a virtual website. Otherwise, you have to look for other available options.

While some people make large income for themselves, others just go back to concentrate on their day job.

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