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Ebay Ebook Success Factors Behind Building an Email List

Why would you want to build an email list? There are many potential reasons. In this article I discuss five top reasons why eBay ebook sellers should be building their mailing list. To begin let's look at the usual eBay ebook sale. The customer finds your auction or your eBay store. They like the look of the ebook you're selling so they make the purchase.

They may even add you or your eBay store to their favourites. However, after the customer has purchased your product there is no motivation for them to return to your eBay store, look at your other products and purchase more. Sure some people will come back, some will make repeat purchases and some will keep checking for updates.

However, the majority of customers will not return. They will have completed the transaction then your relationship with them is finished. However, if you get that customer on your mailing list you have much more chance of them coming back and making a repeat purchase.

Therefore, if you are not building a mailing list your are not maximising the value you can get from each customer. Below I have outlined a number of reasons why you should be building your email list: 1) REPEAT TRAFFIC:- Instead of customers visiting your eBay store just once you can now get them coming back again and again. If you've updated a product, re-designed your eBay store, created some new products etc then you can send an email out to your list and have your customers revisit your eBay store. 2) REPEAT CUSTOM:Your customers have already purchased from you.

There's no reason they will not buy from you again. If you've got a new product then coming out then you can send an email out to your list notifying your customers. In this email you can send your customers directly to the auction. Even better, give people who are on you're list a special subscriber discount.

The customer gains because they're getting a great deal. You gain because you will get some repeat custom. 3) YOU CAN DIRECT CUSTOMERS TO ITEMS OF INTEREST:- Your mailing list is not just a means of selling more to your customers. It's also about building a relationship and being more interactive with them.

For example, if eBay make any changes which will affect ebook sellers I can let you know through this email newsletter. Plus, I can also provide you with free ebooks - a task that would be difficult without a list. 4) YOU CAN BUILD A BRAND:- As I mentioned in the previous point your mailing list is not just a selling platform. It also allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers. If you provide customers with quality content and information that is relevant to them they will keep coming back.

They will start to trust you and the strength of your brand will grow. With The Ebook Cavern Newsletter I try to provide you, the reader, with quality content that is related to selling ebooks on eBay. I hope that as a reader you trust me and keep coming back. 5) YOU CAN DIRECT CUSTOMERS TO AREAS OUTSIDE OF EBAY:What if I find something highly useful for my customers but it's not located on the eBay site? Maybe I've found a good source of resellable ebooks and I want to let you know about it. You cannot link to external websites from your eBay auctions. However, with a mailing list you can let your customers know.

Again, this allows you to build a better relationship with your customers. Hopefully, this article has helped you realise how selling ebooks on eBay and building a mailing list go hand in hand. All that you need to do now is take action and start building your list.

Tom Parker has been selling ebooks on eBay for a number of years under the ID: EbookCavern. You can learn how he runs and automates his eBay ebook business by visiting: http://www.theebookcavern.co.uk/

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