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Capture Page Branding Yourself Properly Online

The MLM or online marketing industry may be new or old to you, but you have undoubtedly been bombarded with the option of a replicated website. There are many companies and their lead distributors that will try to sell you on the fact that a replicated site is the best way to generate traffic for your business. However, if you have had any experience trying to advertise a replicated distributor website, you know the the response is fairly poor. Don't worry, you are not alone in your frustration. There are many other naive, well intended distributors that have been right along side of you spending hours and dollars promoting these sites with little to no success. Be of good cheer, it's not your fault! Replicated websites are relatively cheap and convenient as someone else has done all of the work for you.

However, they weren't designed to make sales or recruit someone for you. What prospects are really looking for is why they should join you and your team. In contrast, signature lead capture pages are designed specifically for generating traffic and leads. A capture page is a simple, straight to the point, one page site which gives prospects the most important info about yourself and your company. A well designed lead capture page gives the potential customer the information they are looking for quickly. This also pushes them to make an on the spot decision.

When they have studied what is available on your site, they will have to enter their info into your capture page to receive more information. The goal of the signature capture page is to connect with the prospect. You can achieve this by creating a personal audio or video message welcoming them to your site. Your prospect wants to feel a connection to you before they will make the decision to join you.

By setting up a custom capture page, you are giving yourself a step up on your competition. This really is the whole purpose of networking. After a prospect submits their info into your signature lead capture page, they want to hear from you. Whether you believe it or not, you have a story to tell. In setting up your capture page this way, you are branding yourself online.

You are creating a website and system that can be duplicated by no one. You are the reason why the prospects have requested to learn more. Get started branding yourself rather than a replicated website.

See how I can start helping you brand yourself for success by visiting my Passport To Wealth website. Brian McCoy specializes in teaching others how to properly brand themselves so they can become effective internet marketers.

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