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Benefits Of Article Marketing Social Bookmarking and Blogging

No article marketing discussion today can leave out social bookmarking and blogging. You can benefit both from search engine bait from bookmarking your articles to relevant social directories and increased traffic. When you look at your article marketing efforts it should include blogging and social bookmarking. The benefits of social bookmarking can include search engine bait as well as traffic from your various articles. This is not an article about how to do social bookmarking or search engine optimization.

What I do want to get across is that you can take your articles that you have written and rewrite them slightly and then post them on your blog. Try and make it about 30% unique and just your keyword phrase in the title of the blog post. This makes sense to do because you want to keep everything on your blog and website unique. Your goal is to have all of your content from your articles different than what you are submitting to social bookmarking directories and article directories. If you are not familiar with social bookmarking Google search the words "Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon.

These are three of the top directories to social bookmark each blog article too. The point I want to make is if you keep them different from the ones that you are putting online anywhere else you can really get some great search engine benefit out of your articles. Right now, search engines love blogs as the rightly should. Good blog articles make a search engines job much easier.

They love to take a blog article and stick it on page 1 for relative keyword extremely quickly. You will be amazed once you start to do this how you can be on page 1 of various keyword phrases within 24 hours or less just from using article marketing and blogging. Because search engines are going to spider these large directories more often than they will spider your blog you want to social bookmark your blog article. You are creating a back link back to your blog, but they may rank the actual article that you have submitted to the social directory before they rank the one on your blog.

When you take your articles and use them in various ways this is another example of how article marketing can benefit your business. Because they can help drive your traffic through the roof if you don't have a blog yet you need to get one and start mastering social bookmarking techniques!.

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